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KoreanAmericanHeritage podcast

Mar 6, 2021 presents an episode with one of our favorite guests on KAHP, Jaeha USC journalism student. 
We go right into the Korean hierarchy cultural practice and how it is utilized in social and professional settings. We also go over the reply email from Bacow and Flip hilarious one image response. We finish with the thought of LARPing as Korean Lords and bringing back the Korean King to love back on his people. Mainly to complain to the King about the situation in Korea and the afflictions the Korean youth face today. 
To catch up on the issue with Harvard's Ramseyer article about comfort women and read an email that Flip wrote regarding this, you can check out our website . 
Please contact Jaeha if you know someone in the Koreatown restaurant industry who is willing to share their story. 
KAHP is hosted by Han Kim, an avid Korean Pungmul Player and has a BA from UCLA in East Asian Studies. He hopes to seek the truth to this American Korean odyssey.  
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KAHP Intro music credited to Ban-Jang Kim of Windy City.
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