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KoreanAmericanHeritage podcast

Mar 29, 2021 presents a special episode of Han and Jaeha visiting Flip after getting our vaccine shots recently. We bribe Flip with delicious Korean food and get him to podcast with us. We go over a variety of topics and history in this American Korean Odyssey. Plenty of interesting bits and I hope it...

Mar 23, 2021 presents Han's episode on Dosanism. It is his take on what if a meeting that Dosan held was held today what would that be like? Today's message is on Forgiveness and Han's take on the meaning of it. Enjoy!

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Auld Lang Syne Instrumental

Mar 6, 2021 presents an episode with one of our favorite guests on KAHP, Jaeha USC journalism student. 
We go right into the Korean hierarchy cultural practice and how it is utilized in social and professional settings. We also go over the reply email from Bacow and Flip hilarious one image response. We...