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KoreanAmericanHeritage podcast

Oct 13, 2020 presents an interview with Dr. William Chu, son of Yo Han Chu who help lead the economic development of South Korean in the 70s. Yo Han Chu was also known Korean poet
He served as Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's secretary during the provisional govt in Shanghai.
Dr. Chu  was a nuclear physicist researcher whose life experience besides his science is invaluable. He is old school but I was lucky enough to hear some more stories and advice of how our American Korean community can go forward into the future better. I hope you enough his perspective and stories. Enjoy. 
KAHP is hosted by Philip "Flip" Cuddy grandson to Dosan Ahn Chang Ho, son to Susan Ahn Cuddy, one of the most knowledgeable historian in American Korean History. The other Co-Host is Han Kim, an avid Korean Pungmul Player and has a BA from UCLA in East Asian Studies. Together they seek the truth to this American Korean odyssey.  
KAHP Logo designed by Minsoo Kim.
KAHP Intro music credited to Ban-Jang Kim of Windy City.
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