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KoreanAmericanHeritage podcast

Sep 21, 2020 presents an interview with Sang Kim, Korean Canadian chef, writer, activist ( A fan of the podcast he shares with us his perspective on the Canadian Korean experience. You can catch Sang on several Canadian morning shows sharing his expertise in the culinary arts. Enjoy. 
You can also catch Sang Kim on these other shows:
KAHP is hosted by Philip "Flip" Cuddy grandson to Dosan Ahn Chang Ho, son to Susan Ahn Cuddy, one of the most knowledgeable historian in American Korean History. The other Co-Host is Han Kim, an avid Korean Pungmul Player and has a BA from UCLA in East Asian Studies. Together they seek the truth to this American Korean odyssey.  
KAHP Logo designed by Minsoo Kim.
KAHP Intro music credited to Ban-Jang Kim of Windy City.
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