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Apr 4, 2020 presents an episode on Dr. Chang Sei Kim. Dosan Chang Ho Ahn's brother in law and one of the important leaders of the independence movement. Listen in on Flip discussing Dr. Kim history and how it's relevant to today's COVID19 crisis. 

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From Flip's Dosan Legacy page on FB

So GRATEFUL to all the Doctors, Nurses, Staff, EMT. FD, PD, Volunteers and Anyone who are Fighting the Beast to protect us and save us.

When Dosan was a teenager in the late 1890's he worked as a medicine boy at Korea's first "hospital" Chejungwon. In 1907, he worked at Severance Hospital in Seoul. He was an orderly who at one time was bringing wounded Korean soldiers who were battling the Japanese in the streets of Seoul. As he traveled the world to save Korea he witnessed cholera, malaria, the Spanish Flu and other health issues like his battle with TB... and cigarettes. Many of the Korean Medical Doctors who attended Yonsei Medical School during the early 1900's worked with Dosan in the Sinminhoe. Dosan also initiated the Red Cross in the Korean Independence Movement. Public health was part of Dosan's reform movement for Korean people. Dosan had the greatest respect for the people who cared for others in times of need.

The link below is to a very informative paper about another important Independence Movement patriot Dr. Kim Chang Sei. He was a brilliant physician and scientific researcher. He was also Dosan's brother-in-law. Dr. Kim's wife was the sister of Dosan's wife. Yi Hye Ryon aka Helen Ahn was a cook and cleaning lady in a hospital in the Pioneer Generation of Koreans in America. Please take a look at the link. Another episode of Dosan's amazing legacy.

Dr. Kim's work is impressive in the world history of medicine.

Please, do your best to stay healthy!!