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KoreanAmericanHeritage podcast

Mar 29, 2018 presents KAHP Episode 1: The First Korean Americans. Who were the first Korean Americans? This episode we explore first the history of what was going on in Korea and who were the first Americans that entered Korea. We go over the history of the American missionaries and their involvement of bringing the Koreans over to America. And later investigate the very first Koreans to set foot in the United States.

KAHP Episode 1 Notes:

First americans to arrive to Korea: Missionaries



Christianity in Korea wiki

General Sherman Incident

Captain Robert W. Schufeldt and the USS Wachusetts

(Schufeldt Treaty) Korea Treaty of 1882

King Gojong of the Korean Empire


Yu Kil-Chun

Gapsin Coup

Korean Legation Building in Washington D.C.

Philip Jaisohn Seo Jae Pil Other Reference

Dosan Ahn Chang Ho

Horace Grant Underwood

Homer Hulbert

The Passing of Korea by Homer Hulbert

The independent Newspaper

John Nevius and the Nevius Plan


Masonry Lodge Han Yang

Scarlet and the Beast Two faces of the Freemasonry by John Daniels

The Korean Frontier in America: Immigrants to Hawaii, 1896-1910 by Wayne Patterson

Durham White Stevens

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