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KoreanAmericanHeritage podcast

Mar 29, 2018

Hello, welcome to the Korean American Heritage Podcast (KAHP) brought to you by we are three fellow history and culture seeking enthusiasts. Hoping to provide a deeper analysis into Korean American History and Culture. Come seek this rich history and heritage together with us.

Our Main Hosts:
Philip “Flip” Cuddy is the grandson of “Dosan” Ahn Chang Ho, son to Susan Ahn Cuddy and Frank Cuddy. His family legacy is filled with an impressive group of high achieving members of society (Helen Ahn, Philip Ahn, Philson Ahn, Soorah Ahn, Teresa L. Cuddy, Christine Cuddy). Flip himself attended Harvard Military Academy and made significant contributions to both the Korean and  American community. A pro surfer, high artisan in carpentry, Congressional Aide, Advisor to the president of the Good Samaritan Hospital, Fisherman, and a few things I can’t mention, this guy has done it all. Check out his website and his Etsy.

Sofia Carro is the eldest daughter of a Taekwondo black belt mother and a recent graduate from UCLA majoring in Korean. You can find her on instagram under the username: Skoofie She is bring an unique viewpoint being an immigrant herself and willing to share her experience of assimilating to American culture. We are very lucky to have her on the team and to balance our Alpha energies. Look forward to her stories of her time studying abroad in Korea.

Han Kim is the eldest son of two crazy Korean parents that are very lucky to be surviving where they are now, hahaha. Graduated from UCLA majoring in East Asian Studies and loves helping out the nearby university pungmul troupe like UCLA Hanoolim, UCI Hansori, and USC Haneulsori. He has a small webcomic called  

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