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KoreanAmericanHeritage podcast

May 1, 2018 presents episode 4: Seo Jae Pil aka Philip Jaisohn the first Korean American. Learn more about this amazing fellow and follow his adventure into the turn of the century and Modernization of Korea. 

**Correction** Seo Jae Pil was naturalized as an American Citizen on June 19, 1888.

Seo Jae Pil wiki

Jeolla Namdo

Yang Ban (Elite class of Old Korea)

Gwageo (National Service Examination)

YMCA in Korea

Meiji Restoration

Gapsin Coup

Horace Newton Allen

The First Korean American- A Forgotten Hero Philip Jaisohn by Channing Liem 

My Days in Korea and other Essays: By Philip Jaisohn MD Edited by Sun-Pyo Hong


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